Friday, June 10, 2011

The science behind the smiles

Think, think, think.
My husband says I think too much. So does Brian.

I do
and I think it's a good thing.

I also think it is a good thing to share how this blog came about, starting with an article I read in the Chicago Tribune about the science of happiness. You can find it here . To sum it up, the article states that researchers have found that people who list three good things every day actually become happier over time by doing so - imagine that!

Next, I had to convince Brian that this would be a good thing for us to do because we are both going through some trying times in our lives right now. That was the tricky part because I had to bug him about it - a LOT! After lighting a small fire under his you-know-what, he agreed, and perhaps now he's glad I did (maybe, kinda, sorta?)

Although I'm not sure if I can measure the happiness in my life, I do believe that scientists are onto something. Here are three good things about writing this blog:

1. Distraction: As a thinker (and a worrier, too) having to come up with three good things each day is a way for me take my mind off troubling things like the bills, the broken lawnmower, or my next doctor's visit.

2. Inspiration: I love to write. I was a journalist for a bit before becoming a teacher, then a mom. Sometimes I think I'm pretty good at writing, sometimes not. This blog inspires me to work on my writing skills. It gives me a stage, and hopefully an audience, too.

3. Connection: After 25 plus years, Brian and I have formed a new friendship. We are connecting with each other, and with others through this new-age medium. It's enlightening, refreshing, and fun!

or it's just as simple as two kinds of ice cream . . .

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