Monday, June 27, 2011

Living where I do

About two and 1/2 years ago I moved from a nifty little beach community on the OTHER West Coast (West Michigan) to suburban Philadelphia, specifically: Phoenixville.

When I picked the place, little did I discern the meaning behind the name of the town, taken from the mythical bird that arises from the ashes of its own destruction. It's been that way itself, and for me as well. Here are three really good things about Phoenixville, PA. Two out of these three come from events at the Colonial Theatre. I don't agree with the spelling, but I love the theater.

2) Summer: The Blobfest

The week following July 4th marks Blobfest. It's fantastic. This Festival held every July is dedicated to this true sci-fi movie classic THE BLOB. Starring Steve McQueen (as Steve Andres) and Aneta Corsaut (as Jane Martin). The Blob was filmed during the summer of 1957 in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas including Phoenixville by Valley Forge Films (Formerly Good News Productions). The festival includes a street fair, the Blob Ball, and of course showings of The Blob and other cult sci-fi classics. Don't miss the "running out" where the theater patrons escape the marauding ooze by stampeding their way out of The Colonial Theatre. Bring your foil hat!

3) Fall: Firebird Festival

So they build this big wooden bird. Then, local artisans make all kinds of stuff - mostly birds - out of clay - and they set fire to the wooden bird. The clay pieces are baked in the fire. It's pretty awesome. It's a great way to spend a lovely chilly evening in front of a great roaring fire.

1) Winter: Christmas at the Colonial Theatre
Showing It's a Wonderful Life in the rustic and historical theater is just about the nicest thing next to a warm comfy hearth.

There are lots of other good things I like about Phoenixville, but today - those are at the top of my list.

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