Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good things taken for granted

Pondering a post for today, I took a closer look at the world around me and realized that there are many, many good things right in front of my face. Things I use every day that are unavailable in many parts of the world. Things I take for granted, unless of course they're gone.

Take for instance . . .

1. Toilet paper. YES, TP! I don't know how many times I've entered one of the loos in the house to find an empty roll of toilet paper. This can sometimes occur more than once per day, and in more than one bathroom. If you have children, a spouse, a significant other, or a roommate, you know what I'm talking about. If you live alone, you have only yourself to blame!

2. Ice. I enjoy cold drinks cold - not lukewarm, not room temperature. Ice makes this happen. In our first home, we did not have an ice cube maker, unless you count T. So often, while reaching in for a few cubes, you'd come up empty-handed. Now we have a built-in ice cube maker. That's a good thing!

3. Electricity. Thank you Ben Franklin. Aside from the monthly bill, electricity is a good thing! It lights my world with a flick of a switch. It powers the AC, the TV, the PC, and so many other things I take for granted like the washing machine, the toaster, and the fridge that makes the ice. When it goes out, we sure do miss it and we have to go around the house and re-set all the flashing clocks.

TP, ice, and electricity. All good things!

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