Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More goofy good things

Three more goofy good things from me to you!

1. Josh Groban and I are Facebook friends! Not really, but because I "like" him on Facebook he sends me Tweets, status updates, and photos of him with his dog. It's like he's an old, personal friend, kinda like Bri, but much more famous!

All kidding aside, I do love Josh's voice and music. Besides being a very talented musician, he's funny, too. (Yes, Brian, I AM his demographic!)

2. Miss O's collection of t-shirts that feature food with faces. She has toast with jam, s'mores, mac and cheese, hot cocoa, peaches promoting peace, and many more. They are silly, and she just loves them. OK, by me.

3. The Forrest Gump voice. Ever since I wrote about how T makes me laugh with his Forrest Gump voice, he has used it relentlessly almost every day. Too much of a good thing? A little bit.

"But you still laugh," said Miss O's little bro A.

"Yes, that's why I keep doing it," replied T.

That's three goofy good things for Tuesday. I'm off to see what Josh is up to on Facebook.

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