Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hopeful Romantic

When you go through crud in your love-life it can turn you into a bitter person regarding the opposite sex.
Feeling hopeless is easy! You just let yourself go... giving into looking the way God molded you while you were sleeping... giving into feeling angry at, not just one person, but people you haven't even met yet... giving into sadness over the loss of a loved one. Overcoming is hard work. Hard work is good and worth it.

1) Get up every day, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, coffee, desk, work - breaks - lunch - stop working, do other things.
It makes you feel "normal" for whatever that's worth - it also makes you feel like you are presentable, and potentially available. That's a really good discipline.

2) Prayer. I know, I know I know.... blah blah blah - I don't feel like praying. But do it anyway. The creator of the universe is there, reaching out to you and hoping for real relationship with you. Prayer is just that conversation. "I'm worried about" "I'm happy about" "I'm sad about" "I'm angry about". It's being real. It's not just talking to yourself. He's really there. You've got that kind of audience with the absolute source of Love. Now that's good!

3) Remember the literature, the songs, and the movies. Since the dawn of time, people have painted, written, sung and told stories about true love. There's a reason. It's real. It has to be. Maybe, like me, you never experienced it for real. Maybe you settled for something that looked like it or seemed like it might be the real thing, but it wasn't. It's like wanting an Oreo, and getting a store-brand cookie... or a Hydrox. It's just not the same. Wanting true love, and choosing to disbelieve that it exists is the stuff that makes a hopeless romantic. But, believing that God really does have someone just for you, someone who was so worth waiting for - and then acting on that, with expectation, that's a hopeful romantic.

I choose to be hopeful, and hope is good.

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  1. The breakdown of a relationship is painful, whatever the context.
    I'm glad that you have hope and faith.
    Stay hopeful, always.


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