This is Brian

Brian is a sought-after international and inspirational speaker and consultant for Online Ministry and High School ministry.
He enjoys filling guest-speaking slots whenever he gets the chance. Currently, the Director of Web Communications at American Bible Society, Brian has served as the Director of Digital Media at Gospel Communications International, responsible for the Bible Gateway. He worked as a communications director, technology manager, church-planter, radio announcer, welder, and ice cream man and has served on the board of directors of an adoption agency. Recently, Brian was elected to the Internet Committee of the National Religious Broadcasters. He has a lot of t-shirts.

Brian grew up in Downers Grove, IL amongst the lovely suburbs of Chicago. Spending time on farms in Iowa helped him with his work ethic, but the lure of music and the theater drew him into arts programs. These included the Downers Grove South High School Marching Mustangs, where he played Cymbals and later Saxophone. It's also where he met his blogging partner, Sue (Tomse) Borowiak. Moving to Connecticut after his Sophomore year, Brian lost touch with many of his classmates. Brian attended Yale, University of Illinois, The Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, and Calvin College. He's lived on both coasts, including Los Angeles, CA and the OTHER West coast in western Michigan for nearly 20 years. Brian resides in Phoenixville, PA and happily reunited with Sue and many other friends at their 25 year reunion in September, 2010.

At the moment, Brian is reeling from the impact of his third divorce. Yes, he is a moron. Divorce is a painful process like ripping apart two pieces of duct tape. Brian has a lot of personal work to do - again - being able to trust people, some self-esteem issues, all while starting a life over, also again. It's in this blog where he remembers that life is really good, and there are good things that happen every day. It's important to share those, perhaps even more so than the disappointments in life. Hopefully, you may find inspiration in his stories.