Monday, June 6, 2011

the loneliness of facebook

Facebook keeps me sane.
I'm almost 44 years old. I live alone. I work from home, alone. I have a couple of friends in the area who I see occasionally. Yeah, of course I'm lonely sometimes. Sometimes I can go for a whole day without seeing another person face to face. For some people, that's heaven. For me, a polar extrovert, it's awful.
No Pitty! What I'm trying to say is that it's the social networks that keep reminding me that there are other people out there. On the other-hand, it's difficult to develop a real, intimate relationship with someone in 140 characters or less. Regardless, here are my three good things about social networking.

1) Twitter
Short sweet and to the point. I try to be interesting and creative, and yet still keep things brief. It's a discipline, but I like the exercise.

2) Facebook
I populate my feed from Twitter, and try to post at least twice each day, morning and afternoon. I'm often struck by events or interesting nonsense throughout my day and I try to put that kind of stuff out there. You learn one thing as an internet writer or blogger, write for yourself first. I write about what interests me, and try to find the fun in everything. What's good about that? About 10 people seem to like it. The other 1300 are doing their best to ignore me.

3) The connections
My 25 year high school reunion was planned through social networks. On the one-hand, I was able to connect with almost 100 people from the hometown I haven't lived in since I was 16. On the other-hand, I've met a ton of really wonderful people just by them hearing I'm fun to follow. It's affirming.

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