Friday, June 17, 2011

A Marathon not a Sprint

Today is the day of a silly event I set up on Facebook called the half-half-half-half-half-half-half-half-half-half-half-half-marathon. It's a dead sprint from your couch to your fridge. If you haven't done so, sign up and get ready. Add your comments, tell us what you're doing to be successful. Today would be a great day to post your pictures of your own training regimen.

Official distance is 10.3 Meters
0.00640012328 miles

This event is not timed - it's all about finishing... well half-finishing anyway.

Three Good Things about this silliness?

2) I've met about 50 new facebook friends from all over North America and a few in other places. I love to meet and get to know people.

3) This has been a really fun creative outlet for me. I've had the opportunity to design the images for the SWAG, write about it, have fun with the community that's arisen and do some fun grass roots marketing.

1) It's just ridiculous. I think we all need a lot more ridiculous in our lives.

Considering all of that, it's really good to remember that our lives are run like a marathon and not a sprint. We have a major endurance challenge set before us and it's not finished in short-spurts of speed, but working on the long-term. That's particularly difficult for me, because I was actually a sprinter when I was more athletic and the mind-set really sticks with you. Having said that - I don't want to detract from our silliness.

Remember the motto of our Marathon!
No Pain, no pain.


  1. I was waylaid by dinner with a friend and a another's friend's show... oh, but listen to this: the sandwich was called Monty Hall: Let's Make a Deal. It was a Monte Cristo sandwich on a brioche type bread, but then they dipped it in pancake batter, deep fried the sucker, dusted it with powdered sugar (not too much) and then they gave you additional berry jam to used as you liked. It was a complete fat, salt and sugar delivery system and it was so evil that it was good. I could not make it to the fridge last night. I did not finish.


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