Thursday, June 9, 2011

Family is good

I have a family story.
It's really to long to go into here, but you can read the full version I wrote over the years it has evolved on Mirthmobile in the Adoption section.

Here's the short version:
I was raised by adoptive parents who were abusive.
In my early 20's I severed ties with them.
In my mid-30's I met my birth mother, my step-father, two brothers, a sister in-law, an aunt, uncle and two cousins and many, many friends of the family.
My birth-mother adopted me when I was 40. That made my biological mother my legal mother and changed my last name.

My Mom and Dad (the new ones) were just visiting me for a few days. It's good to have family. Most of this stuff, I'm still just figuring out.

1) They love me no matter what. That is a huge trust issue for me and I struggle with it. But it's really good.

2) People who are important to me are important to them.

3) I know that not all families are like that, but love should be like that, and I'm learning that it is.

They're on their way to visit one of my brothers now, and I already miss them. That, as it turns out is also a good thing. It's nice to miss someone.


  1. We can spend a lifetime finding out these truths, Brian even without the complications of your story.
    I'm so glad you are finally getting there.
    God bless,


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