Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Sport

Among the good things in my life are sports.

I'm a huge nerd, kind of a dork, but I'm told it's one of my most endearing qualities. I'm also told that somehow I manage to pull of "cool". I'm really happy about that balance. One of the ways both of those come together is in sports. I'm a decent athlete. I tried my hand at Football, gymnastics, track, and volleyball in high school, and some in college. I still love to play softball and volleyball, and love to go to a baseball game and watch football. This weekend I was invited to play in a charity softball tournament. I had a great time.

My good things today are
1) I have the athletic ability to just pick up and play ball. I played Shortstop and Second Base, though I usually pitch. I made a few good catches and good plays, but several times I fell down. I was really sore later, but now, a full day later, I'm just fine.

2) My friends who came to watch in the blistering heat. I even got a hug when I was ridiculously sweaty. They didn't have to come, let alone stay there, deal with the heat, the humidity, the BUGS! It's so good to have people in my life who care about me and I can see that in their acts of service.

3) I'm not competitive in the traditional way. I'm not concerned with wins or losses, we lost all our games. I do hold myself to a standard and want to perform at a competitive level. I want to play well. When I don't, and I made a lot of hilarious moves out there, I get a little frustrated with myself. But back to my friends, helping me keep it in perspective, and laughing at me - it was good.

I feel like I was a good sport.

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