Thursday, June 2, 2011


I really don't like cats. But I don't hate them any more.
During the last few years, my girlfriend... then wife... now ex-wife was a cat fancier and there were three cats. You can't really help it when they are around all the time, you get to know a few things about them. When she and I first met, she asked me if I liked cats. I said, "sure, if they're properly seasoned." I should have known better. Now with an attempt at redeeming the species, here are...

3 good things about cats

1) Kitteh Dope: working outside in the breeze and shade - I have a new office assistant. This cat has been hanging around the neighborhood as long as I've lived here and seems very people-oriented. It's been keeping me company all morning and that's been pretty good, except for the choking cat hair all over me. However, very little is as entertaining as a cat on dope. Catnip is awesome. Observe -

2) LOL cats: oh my sides. If I'm ever in need of a good belly laugh, I visit the site. It's cats and kittehs with hilarious captions. Hardly a better site on the web.

3) Fur - the other condiment: ok - not a good thing. But seriously, did you think I would come up with three actual good things about cats? Ok ok... laser pointer antics. happy?

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