Monday, June 6, 2011

Play Ball!

It's my turn to talk a little bit about baseball. This weekend, my son went to his very first White Sox game with his daddy. Contrary to Brian's previous post, just my son is the Sox fan in our family. We somehow attribute this to his late great-grandpa who was a south sider. Who knows?

My guys had an awesome time at the Cell! Here's why:

1. Free Sox jersey! Let's face it, when you can get anything for free, that's a good thing. My son was one of 10,000 kids to get a free jersey when he entered the park.

2. Great seats! My guys had excellent aisle seats near the third base line. They were even featured on the Jumbo-tron, and they might have been on TV, too.

3. Quality time (and good eats!) The guys spent the entire day together. They ate hot dogs, drinks, Italian ice, and cotton candy at the ball park followed up by burritos and tacos on the way home.

The Sox lost the game 7-3 (boo!), but it was a winning day for a nine-year-old boy and his dad.

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