Monday, July 18, 2011

when it's difficult

Some days, coming up with three good things is difficult. We all have down days sometimes and when I do, I have some strategies to help. These are good things for me to do, when I'm feeling blue.

(not me)

2) First, I'm an extrovert. So I really need to be with people. I need to go find a party or have one. If there's a special someone, that can be good too, but mostly I need to go do something nuts. Anyone know where I can find a Karaoke bar around here?

3) Do something productive. I clean, or fix, or make, or build. Those things help me feel like I've got something going on.

1) Recently, my best friend in the whole wide world gave me a jar full of affirmations for my birthday. Best present ever. This is a new one. I dip into the jar and read what they wrote. There are quotes, bible verses, and their own thoughts.

All good!

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