Tuesday, July 12, 2011


You just can't go wrong with bubbles. Well . . . you can if you blow a ginormous bubble and it pops all over your face and hair, but other than that, bubbles are a good thing!

1. Bubbles are cleansing. You can get many things squeaky clean with bubbles: your body, a baby, the dishes, some laundry, the bathtub, a car, your hair, a dog, dirty hands. You get the idea.

2. Bubbles are relaxing. I like to take a nice, relaxing bubbly-bubble bath. It washes all your cares away, and makes you and the bathroom smell pretty, too.

3. Bubbles are entertaining. For young and old alike. You can blow them, chase them, pop them. Make your own, or buy them at the dollar store. You can give them out as favors at weddings and birthday parties. You can visit a children's museum where there always seems to be a hands-on display of giant bubbles that can envelop a small child or two. Of course, there is the ultimate in bubble fun - bubble wrap!

On the 4th of July, T entertained the kids a bit by blowing bubbles. Funny, even as they grow older, they still enjoy catching and popping them. Note: If you don't wish to hear our banter about our neighbor across the street blowing off cool fireworky things, then hit your mute button.

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