Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Very Good Guy

As I noted last week, the hubby and I just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. When we tied the knot in 1995, I presented my soon-to-be spouse with my top ten list for marrying him, one of which was moving up from letter T to letter B in the alphabet.

If your last name ends with a letter at the end of the alphabet, you may understand how this can be a good thing especially when you need to line up in alphabetical order, or find your name on a very long list.

My top ten list has changed over the years, but my good guy has not. (OK, he now has a lot of gray hair, and much less money - but I don't hold those things against him.)

Here are three good things about my very good guy:

1. He loves me for me. I'm not perfect. I can be moody, crabby, and emotional. I speak my mind. I like to have everything just so. I'm not tall, blond, or a size 2. I have a a chronic illness. I cry - sometimes a lot. I think too much. I can go on and on, but then you would wonder why T married me in the first place! Recently, I told a good friend that marriage is having another person put up with you despite you being you. That's what T does for me, and it's a good thing.

2. He serves. As the chief caretaker for me, as well as the kids, he has truly honored his vow of "in sickness and in health." He vacuums, he washes dishes, and he cleans the bathrooms. He grocery shops. He drives kids to and fro, and volunteers to help out at their activities. He can cook, and he is especially good at making pancakes or manning the grill. In almost every case, he will honor my requests such as "Will you rub my back?" "Can you get this from upstairs for me?" or "Can you just be quiet?" He makes me laugh.

3. He is a Super Dad. T is an active father. Ever since the kids were babies, he has been a hands-on dad. He plays with them. He helps them out, and teaches them new things. He cleans up their messes. He has coached soccer and floor hockey. He is a gymnastics booster parent. He takes the kids fishing, swimming, sledding, and skating. He tickles them, and tells them to "dream big." He would do anything for his children, and he loves them with all his heart.

Three good things about my very good guy!

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