Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good reads about interesting people

Besides being a thinker, I am a reader. I love to read. I usually read at night before bed which really bugs T because I keep the light on while he is trying to sleep. The kids also have picked up this trait which I believe runs on my side of the family - remember my post about my dad? He reads really long books in a short period of time.

I like to read many types of books, or genres if you wish to be fancy. However, as of late, I especially like memoirs. Although I have read the memoirs of celebrities or other household names, I also enjoy reading about lesser-known people who have led interesting or extraordinary lives.

Here are three good memoirs I've read over the last year or so:

"Breath - A Lifetime in the Rhythm of an Iron Lung: A Memoir." This is the story of Martha Mason, a woman who lived 61 years of her life in an iron lung after contracting polio when she was 11 years old. With her mother's help and encouragement, she graduates from both high school and college despite her limitations. It's is an incredible story of strength and determination.

"Trafficking in Sheep: A Memoir From Off Broadway, New York to Blue Island, Nova Scotia." In her memoir, Anne Barclay Priest shares the story of how she traded in her life as a New York actress to become a sheep farmer in Nova Scotia. A good read about following your heart, taking chances, and fulfilling your dreams.


"Writing Places - the life journey of a writer and teacher." by William Zinsser. Zinsser, the author of "On Writing Well." a guide for writing non-fiction, a top book on the required reading list for journalism majors, shares his stories about working for the Herald Tribune, then as freelance writer, and finally as a teacher at Yale University. Perhaps he is not well-known outside of the realms of journalism or academia, but his clearly-written memoir is a good read for former journalism majors/aspiring writers like me.

3 people, 3 interesting lives, 3 good reads!

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