Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good Eggs!

I know what you're thinking - Oh, no! Grrrrrrn. It's another post about food.

But it's not.

It's about people. Good people. People who are friendly, helpful, and supportive. People who help me keep my health stable. People who lift my spirits each and every week.

They are good eggs! Which if you're not familiar with this old-fashioned saying means people of great standards, who have done something well, or pleased someone. Back in the day, when I would do a favor for a friend, her mom would say, "You're a good egg, Sue." At the time, I thought her compliment was kind of quirky, but somewhat endearing, too.

So my three good things for today are not things at all, but three groups of very good people!

They are the people at the hospital where I take part in an excellent pulmonary rehab program. What is pulmonary rehab? It's a place where people with lung disease like me can exercise, be educated, and find much needed support and acceptance. To me, the people of pulmonary rehab are like one big, caring extended family.

1. Top-notch medical professionals including awesome respiratory therapists (D, M, & K - you ladies rock!), nurses, and exercise physiologists. They all work together to provide a welcoming environment to all who enter the rehab department. They not only care for, they care about, all of their patients. That's a very good thing indeed!

2. My comrades-in-arms, or fellow rehab patients. We are different in many ways, but we share a common bond - lung disease. I could easily exercise on my own at home, but then I would miss out on the caring friendship and support of my fellow rehabbers. Like the RT's, they ask about you if you're not there. They listen to your latest medical woes, recommend doctors, and share coping strategies. They pray for you if you are facing a difficult situation. They make you laugh, and they are there for you if you cry.

3. The valet parking guys. Yes, these guys are good eggs, too. Since I have some limitations in my ability to walk long distances, these guys are a godsend. I don't need to worry about the weather when I can drop off my car at the entrance of the hospital, and pick it up when I'm ready to leave. They are hard-working guys who are friendly and welcoming. They greet me with a smile, and ask me how I'm doing. T says they're just so nice to me because they want a bigger tip, but I say they're well-worth it.

Three very good groups of people ~ all good eggs!

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