Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I've lived in the Eastern part of the USA for a couple years now, and have found one of the best things this area has going for it is diners. A good diner can make a bad day good, any time of day - especially if it's breakfast all day!

2) Limerick Diner, Limerick, PA

It's in Limerick - near the nuclear power plant there, but that doesn't stop friends of mine from mocking me/it in prose:
There once was a man at a diner
whose coffee was put through a grinder
He said, with a grin, as he wiped off his chin,
"What's my next pending one-liner?"

3) Chef's Diner, Downingtown, PA

The diner in "The Blob" - seemed to be across the street from the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, where I live, is about 18 miles away from the theater. When the crowd came running out of the theater and they were right in front of Chef's, they must have been really really fast runners!

1) Phoenix Diner, Phoenixville, PA

No great stories about this one, it's just the closest one to my house. It has generous portions, low prices, and great staff.

MMMMMM good!

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