Friday, October 7, 2011

Our house in the middle of our street

I've not been feeling well during the past two weeks, so I've spent a LOT of time lounging around the house resting, watching daytime TV, and other exciting activities such as coughing, taking antibiotics, coughing, napping, drinking fluids, coughing, and whatnot.

I'm feeling better now - thank goodness, but when I spend so much time in the house I tend to go a little stir cRaZy! I also tend to contemplate my surroundings, and dream about all the changes we could make to our humble abode especially after being inspired by Nate Berkus on NBC, and other home improvement gurus a la HGTV.

We've lived in our house for nearly eight years now, so of course, there are big changes we would love to make like remodeling the yucky blucky basement, installing hardwood floors, or creating a backyard oasis with and an inground swimming pool and a cabana, and . . . Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Despite my big dreams for our little house, there are many things I do like about it.

Here are three of my favorites:

2. The porch: It's great for sitting, holiday displays, and photo ops. So homey - it was a must-have feature when we built our house years ago.

3. The island: The hub of our kitchen! Great for cookie baking, meal prep, storing stuff, plopping down groceries, mail collecting, and more!

1. The laundry area: It's not really a room, but a nook off the kitchen. For six years, our washer and dryer was located in said yucky blucky basement. I'm NOT a fan of the basement, and lugging laundry up and down two flights of stairs had started to become increasingly difficult for me due to the limitations from my illness. Cue the laundry room make-over by Mike the carpenter, and his buddy Joe the plumber - not THE Joe the plumber, but just a plumber named Joe. Those guys made all my laundry dreams come true! Not really, but the relocation/remodel has made doing this household task much easier for all of us, and I think it looks pretty cool, too!

A porch, an island, and a main-floor laundry area - three good things in our house in the middle of our street. What are yours?

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