Thursday, October 27, 2011

That's what she said

Sue's take-2-on-friendship post was spot-on about friendship!

When Harry Met Sally
It takes a very special pair of friends to be able to handle friendship and keep it out of the realm of potential romance. If you remember the movie, "When Harry Met Sally", the movie is centered on the idea that men and women either can or cannot be friends. Sally contends that they can, Harry contends that they cannot, they do eventually become friends, and then not, and then they fell in love. See - even that movie doesn't think friendship across the boundaries of gender can work. However, always the optimist, I believe.

I have a preponderance of female friends. They live all around the country, from many walks of life and many ways of thinking. Their input into my life is incredibly valuable and I hope that I'm able to help them.

Here are three good things about having female friends.

2)  Men need help dressing themselves. I've spent years under the tutelage of women and I think I've improved over time. But without their initial opinions and advice, I wouldn't have figured out any of it.

3) Women talk. I've seen different statistics, but it basically works out to men (in general) speaking about 1/5 as many words in any given day as women (in general) do. Men need to up-the-ante on words and women can help draw them out of us. That doesn't come from a woman saying "what are you thinking?" because we're not thinking anything, I promise you. It does come from women starting an engaging conversation and helping to keep it going.

1)  Women are pretty. Yes, all of them. They are nice to look at, they smell good and remind us that we are gentlemen. When faced with a woman we remember to hold doors, offer chairs, throw our coats on puddles, and generally become nice creatures again. That doesn't mean we don't make bodily noises and laugh, but it helps.

Besides, who would laugh at us otherwise?
“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” Bruce Almighty

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