Monday, October 17, 2011


Moving - it can completely tucker you out.

Your hands hurt from taking apart and putting together. They get chapped from all the tape and cardboard. Your arms and elbows hurt from the carrying and lifting. At the end of the day, you really want to just be done with everything, but it seems like there's always something more to do. Relationships with dear friends falter. There's not enough time for sleeping, let alone doing things you enjoy. Never forget, however, the joy of a fresh-start in a new place... a little life-reboot if you will.

I've rented a new pad and moved in. The boxes are all unpacked, the furniture is in it's final resting places, and I've got pictures on the walls. I've got one day of vacation left in this process to get the cardboard off to recycling and pick up a few things I need - then I'm going to crash. My list of good things about moving:

2) Out with the old.
Whether it's old stuff or old memories, it can be good to clean out the cobwebs and get rid of the things that vex you - or things you just don't need or want anymore. I've donated a monstrous garbage bag of old clothes, a giant box of clothes hangers, and a few other items. I've thrown away things that I had held onto - thinking that someday I'd use them. It's also leaving behind some things that need to be left behind. I'm taking steps in my emotional state that need to happen and the new surroundings help.

3) In with the new.
Little things like a new rug or a new duvet cover (I'm not gay just because I know what a duvet cover is and have one) or some plants can make a tremendous feel of a fresh start. The new place of course is a major part of that, but go ahead - splurge on that shower curtain, or something to brighten a room.

1) A new community.
In this case, I moved about 15 minutes down the road. I can still go back to my old stomping grounds anytime I like, but I'm looking forward to all that the new are has to offer. There's the new faces at the bank, the grocery store, the people at the hardware store are waving at me when I come in now, and there's a great little general store/restaurant just up the street owned and run by Mr. and Mrs. Pakel. I need to find a new church and I hope I'll build some new friendships.

Now I just need to circle back and see where I left everything and everyone in my life before two weeks ago when the move started to consume me.

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  1. All the very best to you Brian, in your new home.
    Fresh start, new beginnings .... excitement :D


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