Monday, October 10, 2011

Yummy Fall Goodness

This past long weekend offered up some sunny skies and warm temps. The perfect weather to visit an apple/pumpkin farm for some fall fun, and of course, good food and drink!

Three tasty treats from our fabulous fall weekend:

2. Homemade pumpkin muffins: Freshly baked by T Saturday morning - YUMMY!

3. Freshly picked apples: When they were not eating the apples right from the trees, T and the kids picked this bounty on Sunday afternoon. I see at least one apple pie and some caramel apples in our future.

1. Freshly pressed apple cider: Delicious! We've tried it cold, but I'm thinking warm apple cider with cinnamon sticks. That's if we don't run out soon!

And a bonus good treat: We picked up our third package of 12-count Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts for the season. Not healthy, nor freshly picked or baked, just simple bad-for-you goodness!

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