Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Brunch

It's another Friday and that means Sue and I make our lists of good things. We'd love to read about yours in the comments!

Today, I'm thinking about brunch. You know, the meal that's a little bit like breakfast and a little bit like lunch - and you get a slice of melon at the end? Yeah, I knew you would. So let's bring it with the food!

Breakfast: Three good things about breakfast


1. Coffee
2. Baked goods like muffins, donuts, and scones
3. Hot oatmeal on a cold day


2) Bacon
3) Bacon & Eggs
1) Bacon & Eggs & Bacon

Lunch: Three good places to eat lunch


1. Portillo’s or Buona Beef - It's a tie! Hot dogs at Portillo's, Italian beef at Buona.
2. Emerson Creek Pottery and Tea Room, Oswego, IL. - Great place out in country for ladies-who-lunch.
3. Hoosier Mama Pie Company, Chicago - They have both sweet and savory pies so in my book that counts as lunch!


2) 5 Guys - pretty much my favorite burger.
3) Loui's Lunch - the birthplace of the hamburger.
1) Pal's Diner - best wait-staff ever.

Brunch: Three good things you might eat for brunch, but not at another meal


*I will eat almost all brunch foods at other times of the day, but there are some brunch foods I will NOT eat ever!

1. Smoked salmon, or any type of salmon for that matter
2. Oysters or mussels
3. Bloody Marys, or any kind of tomato or veggie juice


*I will also eat almost all brunch foods at other times of the day, but I wrote the questions, so I'm sticking to them.

2) Fruit compote (really a fancy name for fruit salad, but the name is all brunch)
3) Poached eggs. I have no idea why.
1) Yogurt parfait (again, fancy name for yogurt, fruit, and granola - that I eat all the time - but don't call it that)

Ok - there's our good stuff - tell us about yours!

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