Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sounds good to me!

The weather has cooled down a bit around here so we were finally able to turn off the AC, and open the windows. This allowed both a breeze and the sounds of the great outdoors to drift into the house such as the garbage collectors picking up the neighborhood trash, cars and trucks zipping down a nearby busy road, dogs barking, birds chirping, and bugs buzzing.

I'm not really into all that noise disrupting my morning quiet including the birds and the bugs, but there are some things that sound good to me.

1. Babies: Babies are a delight. They coo. They babble. They giggle. I especially like when they make little sounds over and over like they are carrying on a very important conversation with you.

2. Gravel: I know this sounds kind of weird, but I enjoy the sound of tires rolling over gravel all crunchy-like. T hates gravel roads or parking lots because he doesn't like the car to get dirty from all the dust blowing up from the gravel. I like crunchy sounds like footsteps on fresh fallen snow, wrapping paper, and popcorn munching at a movie theater (unless of course the snacker is eating much too loud!)

3. Rain: Rain falling gently can be very soothing and relaxing especially at bedtime or during a mid-afternoon nap. Which brings me to another Tim-ism from a few nights ago. T: Shhhhhh, listen to that. Me: It's raining. T: No, it's applause . . . for me! The rain falls down a bit stronger. Me: Now they're applauding louder!

Three things that sound good to me. What sounds good to you?

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