Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Road Trip

This week I'm taking a road trip.

I'm taking my vacation to visit friends in Chicago and West Michigan. As if road trips weren't good on their own, I have a few "good things about road trips" to share.

2) Road trip music. I used to make mix-tapes, then CDs, now I make iTunes playlists. It's really fun to listen to music that I thought would go with the scenery. Along with those - audio books. I'm gonna get smarter while I'm driving!

3) Road trip food. I love to eat, but I try to stay away from fast food and junk most of the time. The exception to that rule is road trips. Those require foolish food choices. I don't mean "foolish" as in, you spend the remainder of the road trip in a filthy gas station commode, I mean things that aren't necessarily good for you.

1) Road trip friends. First, I'm going to visit friends (like Sue and her family) - but it's also a great time to catch up with friends on the phone (headset of course!).

All good things!

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