Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Out my Window

In my kitchen, I have a window.
It has a nice view.
I spy many good things in my backyard.

Here are my favorites:

2. The playset: T and my dad built the set for the kids about six years ago. The kids still swing, slide, and climb from time to time, but they're growing older, and soon the playset will be nothing but a memory. For now, I like to watch them laugh and play outside while I'm busy in the kitchen.

3. Miss O's Evergreen tree: My parents gave each grandchild a tree for their birthdays during our early years in this home. Miss O's Evergreen tree stands proudly front in center in the back of the yard, each year growing a bit taller just like her.

* A has an Oak tree out front which unfortunately is not the original tree, but a replacement when the first one didn't survive. The dead branches from the first Oak rest on the side of our house because he won't let us get rid of them.

1. My window box: I wanted to look out at a little splash of color, and I wanted to add some detail to what otherwise is a very flat wall on the back of our house, so cue my dad again. He built a flower box for me for under my kitchen window. This summer, it's filled with petunias, geraniums, and thyme. It makes me happy to see the bright colors every day.

Kids playing, an ever green and growing tree, and colorful cheery flowers. Three good things I spy out my window. What good things do you spy out yours?

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