Monday, August 15, 2011


Rain, rain go away, come again some other day!

Heaven forbid! I like rain. Now, I'm not talking about forty days and forty nights of the stuff, that gets old, biblical, and downright soggy. I mean a good rain. The kind of rain that gives everything a good soaker. I think we can all agree that we like those kinds of storms.

So for today, as I look out my windows, I've got torrential rain falling and I thought it would be good to remind us of the good things about rain.

2) During the rain - the sound on the roof, streams running down the windows and in the streets. Thunder and lightning, a great storm rolling in and drenching everything. The loud sudden clap when thunder scares you! Standing on the porch and smelling the rain and the storm.

3) After the rain - the refreshed smell in the air, the renewed green of the grass and trees as they drink it in, and the slow falling drizzle under the trees as the rain continues to run off the leaves.

1) And if you're very very lucky, you get a rainbow. Now, a rainbow is of course light refracting through water particles in the atmosphere... but it's also a reminder of God's promises, and he always keeps his promises.

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  1. Very Much needed here in R.I ,GRASS,GARDENS,!!!


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