Monday, February 27, 2012

Listing one way or the other

Do you make lists?
I don't and Sue does.
I don't mean I NEVER make lists, but I don't normally bring a list with me to the grocery store or have a to-do list posted on the fridge or something like that. I've got other friends who are completely supporting the industry of Post-it notes all on their own and I do not get it. They in-turn do not get my aversion to lists. To help us understand each other, we've decided to post 3 good things about listing or not listing. Which way do you lean?

I'll let Sue go first.

Sue (to list)
Before I note my 3 good things about list-making, I will note some famous list-makers:
David Letterman - The Top 10
Richard Blackwell - The 10 Worst-Dressed Women List
Benjamin Franklin - A list of 13 Virtues
Martha Stewart - Lists, lists, lists! Most likely she keeps a master list of all of her lists.
Of course, there's Santa Claus, too - The Naughty and Nice List
So as a list-maker, I do believe I am in good company because . . .

2. It keeps me and the family (somewhat) organized: Who is doing what, where, when, and what do they need to bring? Do I need to RSVP to a special event, send an email to a teacher, coach, or a doctor, pay bills, plan a party, fill out forms? How do I keep track of my long list of medications? I can make lists to keep track of all those things and more!

3. It helps with shopping: This is especially beneficial to T, who does most of the grocery and household shopping these days. I try to write him a very detailed list complete with sale items, prices, and notations for coupons, too. Shopping lists also come in handy for Back to School, Christmas-time, and birthday celebrations.

1. It gives me a sense of accomplishment: Crossing items off a to do list is a rewarding feeling, especially on days when I feel like I'm not getting anything done. It might be as simple as "buy snacks for the classroom party" or complex as "get documents in order to work on tax returns." Either way, it's good to take note of things that need to get done, get 'em done, then scrach them off the list.

Brian (to list not)
I don't even want to make this list.

2) It keeps my mind sharp - remembering all this stuff as needed. Of course I don't consciously think to myself, "I better not write this down, I don't want to cheat my memory" or anything. I just doesn't occur to me to make the list.

3) I don't have to make lists! It seems like such an unnecessary chore in the first place. Do I need to write something down in order to do it? Or is it just the satisfaction one gets from checking things off the list? Either way - tedious!

1) Do I really have to come up with another item?

So which way do you lean - lister or not? Team Sue? Team Brian? Share your thoughts in the comments section of this list-making blog.

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  1. Definitely like lists! I even have a "To-Do" tab for storing my lists that resides witin my 3-ring binder which I affectionately call my "life-in-a binder". Did I ever mention I tend towards OCD or did you figure that out on your own ;)


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