Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's his birthday . . .

and he can cry if he wants to. As much as he complains about getting another year older, I do believe my dear husband T enjoys his special day.
Perhaps just a little bit.
There are good things about birthdays:
2. Cake (or some other tasty dessert)
3. Presents
1. Funny cards about getting older

But these are not my 3 Good Things for today, instead I will share some of T's favorite birthday celebrations from back in the day:

2. B&B and ski: In our newlywed days many moons ago, we ventured on a trip to a bed and breakfast in Baraboo, WI. I surprised T with a balloon bouquet delivered to our room. We went skiing - yes, even me! I do believe dinner and movie was on our agenda, too. You know besides sleep ;)

3. Eagle-watching weekend at Starved Rock: Cue kids, a trolley tour, some eagles, dinner, and an overnight stay at the Starved Rock Lodge. It was all good 'til we returned home, then T and Miss O came down with a mysterious flu-like ick which we attributed to a dip in the crowded lodge pool. Thankfully, A and I were spared.

1. Aloha: No I didn't take T to Hawaii for his birthday, but that would have been even better than good. Instead, the kids and I hosted a little birthday luau in his honor with a delish Hawaiian menu, decorations, music, and more.

Three good birthday memories for my very special guy who will always be older than me!
Happy Birthday T! We love you!


  1. Yes, I'm another year older today, and for the first time since I hit 40, I don't mind getting older. I guess it's because I realized there is nothing I can do about it. (ask me in a few years when I hit 50). They say your as old you feel or act. So, sometimes I feel and act like kid and sometimes I feel and act like an old man. So this is what middle age feels like? Looking forward to coming home and celebrating with my family and having a birthday beer. Sue can you make sure there are some in the frige? Thank you T

  2. Happy Birthday "Anonymous"


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