Thursday, February 9, 2012

Animals at Work

Good things at work. It's a zoo.

My week at work is kind of like this.
I'm going as fast as I can with my own stuff, while things that seem like crises to the people holding them out to me are simply not real emergencies. The old expression, "poor planning on your part does not qualify as an emergency on my part" comes to mind. However, that's not a kind attitude to take.

I prefer to think of them like this.

Each thing seems to have its own priority, but at the end of the day, they are really just kittens. Nobody is going to die, get fired, or be hurt by my choice to simply take hold of the kitten and add it to the pile for now. I'll get to it.

In the wild... there are Cattle...

And there are Buffalo (Bison).

They live in the same or similar environment.
When a storm comes upon them, Cattle run away from the storm. The storm eventually overtakes them. They are running in the same direction as the storm, so the time spent in the storm is longer than if they were standing still. When the storm passes, they stop, look around and try to figure out how to get back to where they were, but they were in the storm for so long that they end up wandering around for a while before they settle in and start up wherever they are. Then cowboys need to go round them up and bring them home.

Buffalo on the other hand run towards the storm. This is uncomfortable to the buffalo and everyone with the buffalo. However, they can fix their eyes on a destination, running towards it, while the storm arrives. The storm lasts less time than if they were standing still and at the end, if the buffalo want to turn around and go back where they came from, they can. Remember, they were able to pick a destination on the other side of the storm and get to it.

Thanks to my co-worker Jenn for telling me the story of the Buffalo!

Good things? Well, of course they are good things!
2) I can stay ahead of the bull
3) I can herd cats
1) I am a buffalo

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  1. You work and are a leader in a basically Good Organization. I have been in Bad Organizations where all the kittens are priorities, and are mostly were-kittens with venomous fangs. The buffalo become steaks, the cattle are burgers served up rare and hey, look... it's a twister! I have done my best to find a horse and ride out of Dodge as fast as I can. Love, Me.


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