Friday, May 27, 2011

WAL and whatnot

Food glorious food! It's a good thing in my mind, and especially in my tummy. Today, I'm serving up three helpings of gastronomical glee. Let's begin.

1. WAL? - from time to time, OK nearly every day, I ask Brian WAL (What about lunch?) My favorite part of this silly exchange is that he always tells me. Sometimes whatever is on Brian's plate sounds really yummy, sometimes it does not, and sometimes it's really not that healthy for him. And I tell him so because good friends are honest with each other, right?

2. My chocolate stash - I like to eat a little bit of chocolate every day so I always try to keep a stockpile in my kitchen cabinet. When my hubby goes shopping, he often brings me a chocolate treat. It's like chocolate is my crack, and he's my dealer. Today I ate mini peanut butter cups from Trader Joes - yummy!

3. Pancakes for dinner - my family loves, loves, loves to eat pancakes for dinner! My son's record in one sitting is 15 pancakes, and he's not even a teenager yet. In fact, we enjoy eating all kinds of breakfast foods for dinner. See about this very good thing on my other blog, In Sickness and In Health.

friends, food, fun - good things, no?

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