Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3Gs - gas, goals, and a grad

Bad weather prevailed over much of this Memorial Day weekend, but the three-day holiday was not a total washout thanks to these good things.

1. Gasoline prices finally dropped below $4 per gallon in our neck of the woods. I filled up my Subaru tank for about $50. Whoop dee do!

2. My son scored five goals in his last game of the spring soccer season. According to the assistant coach (my husband), fans for the other team groaned every time he had the ball. That made me chuckle, and made every minute of freezing my butt off on the sidelines worth it!

3. We celebrated my godson's eighth grade graduation with friends, food, and fun. It's hard to believe that this once little, curly-headed baby boy has grown up so fast, and so tall! He's much taller than me, which of course Brian will say is not that hard because I'm quite short. Ah, all the new adventures and experiences he will have in high school. I'm so happy and excited for him!

It was a pretty good weekend after all.

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