Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pro Conveniences

What's not good about conveniences that make every day just a little bit easier. Here are three of my favs:

1. Drive-thrus. OK, these have been around for a long time sort of like sliced bread, but I love being able to complete an errand without ever having to leave my car like banking, picking up prescription meds, or treating myself to a tall cafe mocha latte with whipped cream!

2. Caller ID. It's totally cool to see who is calling, be it an old friend (yippee!), new friend (yahoo!), telemarketer (boo!) or mother-in-law (no further explanation needed.)

3. The Internet. Oh, the things I can do! Write this blog. Keep in touch. Plan vacations. Shop. Watch YouTube videos. Comment on a witty FB status. Help my kids do research for school. Shop. Listen to music. Connect with others just like me. Pay the bills. Did I mention shop?

Thank you to the pros who invented these three conveniences. To you, I tip my new hat.

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