Friday, May 4, 2012

Going, going, gone!

Well, since my blogging buddy is super busy at work after loafing around on a cruise ship for a week, I'm taking the helm with a little help from some friends. Thank you lifesavers. Today's post . . .

Good things that are now gone (or at least we think they are!)

Yep, blasts from the past. Food, places, and other miscellany including some funny quips from contributors. I will begin:

2. PDQ - those little yummy crunchy bits of chocolate used to make chocolate milk, sprinkle over ice cream, or eat straight up from the jar.

3. Good old fashioned TV - yeah, that's right. Cable-smable, satellite and all that jazz - overrated in my book, We might not have had as many viewing choices back then as we do now, but heck, it was good enough and it was free!

1. Mom and pop stores like bakeries, pharmacies, and whatnot - Of course, there are some dotting the landscape here and there, but the big boxes have taken over retail shopping, and our wallets! Not such a good thing in my eyes.

Now, let's hear from the friends:

Quisp and Quake Cereal

Cock Robin ice cream stores - home of square ice cream scoops, and One-In-a-Million malts!

Stop N Chat - an ice cream shop in Westmont, IL

Drive-in movie theaters (there still a few of those around the country)

S & H green stamps ~ "My mother would make me lick the backs of them so she could put them in the books," said contributor Rick M.

My hubby T suggested soap-on-a-rope, which he always used to receive as a gift from his aunt for Christmas, but then I found this shop online. Who knew?

Finally, funny quips from friends: my mind, my piggy bank, my youth, my past, and the end of innocence. Yep, all those things are gone for sure!

Happy Friday!

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