Friday, April 13, 2012

Sue on Superstitions. It's Friday the 13th!

What's good about that? Well it's Friday, the day to kick off the weekend so that's all good . . . but it is Friday the 13th - ooh, very unlucky like a black cat crossing your path, or opening an umbrella in the house, and the classic, step on a crack . . . We all know what happens if you do that (if not, just Google it.)

Friday the 13th, and the number 13 in general, conjures up old wives tales, superstitions, and sayings you heard from your grandma about bad luck. Hotels often leave out the 13th floor because of this superstition. If I may quote Stevie Wonder:

"When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain't the way."

On the other hand, there are many superstitions that believers think will bring good fortune your way - that's good, no? Here are three of my favorites from my childhood:

2. All wishes on shooting stars come true.
Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.

3. Lucky Pennies
Find a penny pick it up. All day long you'll have good luck.

1. Dropped silverware
At our house, if we dropped silverware on the floor, my mom would say company is coming - a spoon represented a child, a fork meant a woman, and a knife was a man. I'm not sure if this superstition ever came true, and if so, it could have went either way depending on the visitor. For example, a kind friend or relative bringing over a special treat - good! The cranky neighbor who always gets mad when a ball ends up in his yard - bad!

Good, bad, or just a bunch of hooey. What do you think? Share your superstitions with us right now on this here blog or else! HA - just kidding!
Happy Friday!

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