Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am what I am

Often being a mom with limited abilities to do certain things because of chronic illness gets me down.

  • Can you you go on the field trip to Starved Rock? Nope, mommy can't climb up all those steep stairs.
  • Can you come outside and build a snowman with us? No, you know it's too cold outside for mommy to play in the snow.
  • Can you kick the soccer ball around with me in the backyard? Nah, wait for daddy to get home.

Can you do this, can you do that, can you . . . ah, the list goes on and on. It's frustrating, and it makes me sad because I really want to do all those things and more, but I simply can't.

My life as a mom is not quite what I expected. I am not the "be all, do all mom" that I thought I would be. I am imperfect. Despite my imperfections, there are things I can do, and most of the time I can do them quite well.

2. Cheer, motivate, and inspire: Miss O is a gymnast and plays the flute. My son A is a soccer player and a plays percussion. I can attend gymnastics meets, soccer games, and musical concerts. I can drive them to and from practice and wash leotards, warm-ups, and stinky soccer clothes. I can remind them to practice their instruments. I can clap, cheer, and let them know it's OK if they lose a game or make a mistake. I can give them smiles and high 5s, take photos and videos, and brag about them to my friends. I can be proud.

3. Guide, encourage, and assist: Hands down, I am the go-to mom for homework and school projects especially if it involves reading, writing, or social studies. Math and science are not really my strong points, but I do try my best to help them in those areas. Do they need to come up with a creative idea? I'm all over it. Do they need help with research? Can do! Who can test them on their spelling words or edit/proofread writing assignments - me, me! Who can be sure their homework and/or school projects are completed and turned in on time - ta da, I can do that.

1. Pray, hope, and love: Each and every day, I pray for the safety, good health, and well-being of my kids, and I have nothing but high hopes and big dreams for their future. Of course, I believe the greatest of all these things is love. Do I show them and tell them I love them very day - you bet (even if they are driving me cRaZy!) Do I give them hugs, kisses, and snuggles? Yes, I do! (when they let me - if you're a parent of tweens you know what I'm talking about here!) Am I an imperfect mom? Of course! But I am their imperfect mom who loves them with all my heart.

*If you missed the link above, check out my guest post, "A Perfectly Imperfect Life," and other good articles and information about parenting on the site 5 Minutes for Mom.

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  1. Awwwwww... Will you be *my* mom? haha Keep up the great work!!


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