Friday, April 20, 2012


My blog post about junk drawers Plan A went down something like this:
Sue: I've got junk yes I do, I've got junk, How 'bout you?
Brian: No, I don't have a junk drawer in this house.

OMG! Unbelievable! Outrageous! Everyone has some junk, in a drawer, in a place, somewhere in their house, most likely in the kitchen, no?

Nope, not that guy. Of course not, he doesn't even make lists! I sigh a heavy sigh, then I go with PLAN B - a call out to my facebook friends, friends of friends, high school and college alumni, and people on the street (no, not really, I'm not that crazy.) "Hey everyone, help me out here with a bit of research for my blog. Name ONE GOOD thing you have in your junk drawer. OK, GO!"

The people stepped up, thank you very much! Here is a list in random order of the many good things found in our junk drawers:

Safety pins, screwdrivers, batteries, glue dots, lip gloss, tape, pens, pencils, Velcro, paperclips, menus, flashlights, binder clips used for snack bags, Box Tops for Education, random chargers, super glue, Post-its, old pass keys, a rock and of course, just junk!

Check out this fancy screwdriver from Ronda M. of Houston, TX - thanks Ronda!

But wait, there's more! Here are some of my favorite responses:

  • Birthday candles both new and used, though I'm not sure why I kept all these small burnt candles!
  • I have the watch my Dad used to wear. It doesn't work anymore but it reminds me of him. He passed away 12 years ago.
  • A 10 dollar bill from 1937.....weird huh?
  • One of those cheap-y cork screws where the plastic that covers the screw goes into the hole into the top to form the handle. In case of emergency!
  • I've got a string of rhinestones in there from doing my daughters hair a long time ago for prom :)
  • A list of what's in my junk drawer... :) 
  • My teeth (huh, really?)

    Oh, but I don't want to leave out our junk drawer, no siree Brian! We have lots of stuff crammed in there including these three treasures:

    2. A small monkey that grows into a big monkey when you put it in water
    3. Glow-stick bracelets
    1. Chuck E. Cheese tokens

    Do you have some good junk in a drawer? Let me know, and I'll send it over to Brian's house. Happy Friday!
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