Friday, March 30, 2012

Sir Lance we like a lot!

I have a guy who does my hair. He's been my go-to hair guy for about 20 years now. I've let others color, cut, and style, but it never comes out quite right.
Too short, too poufy, not exactly what I described. You get the idea.

The only bad thing about visiting my stylist Lance is that he's in the city, as in the Windy City. So I really don't get to see him as often as my hair would like.

I started going to Lance when I attended graduate school at DePaul University two decades ago. At that time, I lived with my older sister in a cool loft-like apartment in Chicago. Now, I live in the far, far western 'burbs so a visit is not very convenient.

My sister goes to Lance (and she lives in London now)
My mom goes to Lance, and so does Miss O.
Even her little bro A got a trim once, and so did my hubby T. But usually it's just us girls.
There is just something about a go-to hair guy that's all good!

2. The cut: It's always good, and for the most part, it stays looking pretty good 'til the next cut. Luckily, Lance does not mind if I wait about 3 months or more between cuts. Hmmm . . . at least, I think he doesn't mind. I may not be a frequent client, but I am loyal.

3. The company: It's just comfortable. We chat, but sometimes we don't. There's not an awkward silence that requires small talk just to fill up the emptiness. We laugh and joke, and we talk about how some people never ever change their hairstyle. On occasion, we do talk about the weather. We're in Chicago after all. Weather is a hot topic around here.

1. The care: Lance knows my medical situation. He will ask me how I'm doing without being too nosy or offering advice. He takes care of three generations of my family. He listens.

My go-to hair guy. He's good.
Now, if we could just convince him to come out to us - even better. Perhaps I should send him a train schedule?

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