Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh Snap! Summer Vacation Photo Fun

It's mid-July, and our summer vacations have come and gone. Me, T, and the kids recently took a trip to the northwoods of Wisconsin, about two hours north of Green Bay (that's right ~ Packer country, sorry Bears fans!) At the start of summer, Brian spent his vaca cruisin' in the Caribbean. A cabin in the woods vs. a cabin on the sea. Here are some highlights for your viewing pleasure:


2. Fish tales: You should have seen the next fish I caught. It was yay big! Actually, it was about the same size as this one which was much, much bigger in real life than in this photo. I think I might have hooked the same fish three times!

3. Just Beachy: If you give my kids a body of water and a sandy beach, they can play for hours.

1. Happy Trails, Happy Campers: T took the kids on their very first horseback ride . . .

and we enjoyed family time around the campfire.


2012 is the year of "free" vacations for me. I used points to book a cruise, and I'm getting ready to visit my family in Gulfport next month using airline miles. Not everything was free, but I'm getting rid of those points! So, let me bring you up to speed.

2) I put my feet up.

3) And put my feet up... on a cruise, and went to the highland games at a Celtic festival.

1) I went to a Cubs game in NY.

And ate a wonderful pastrami ruben.


* Hey, now it's your turn! Please send us a GOOD vacation photo, and we will post it here on this very blog. Please tell us a little bit about the photo, in other words, write your own photo caption and we'll take care it from there. You can email your photo as an attachment to threegoodthings@att.net. and include you name, city, state or country, Please remember this is a family-friendly blog, so keep your Vegas vaca shots to yourself. Thanks!

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