Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Free Good Things

No, Free Good Things is not Three Good Things with a speech impediment. Today, we're celebrating good things that are free. We could easily go down the road of smiles, air, sunshine and so on, but we're going for a little more commercial than that.

Here's mine:


2) Rita's Day - On the first day of Spring, free regular size ices at Rita's (Northeast chain).

3) Free things on your Birthday - I just had a birthday and didn't nearly scratch the surface of all the free things you can get. Here's the list: Birthday Freebies.

1) 7.11oz Slurpees on 7/11 at 7-Eleven - the annual free Slurpee Day from 11am to 7pm.


I'm going to go with two free things I've received recently, and one good place to find more freebies:

2. A small make-up bag with free samples of beauty products and coupons from Target.

3. A free iTunes download of the song "Beautiful You" by Trent Monk. Love it!

1. Just like a person wishing for more wishes from a genie, if you would like to find more freebies, browse the Frugal Girls website. I've scored laundry detergent, coffee, tea, beauty samples, music and e-book downloads, and more. Check it out.

Getting free stuff makes me smile, and of course smiles are free. So here's some for you, and Brian too.

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