Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh Snap! Goofy Good Pics

Just recently, I took a look at the overloaded memory card on my digital camera and came across some goofy good photos that I took with the intent of sharing them on this here very blog. Then, I invited Brian to join me in this endeavor, so here goes nothing:


2. One day I spilled some water on my kitchen counter and it looked like a bunny!

3. Some of the letters on my laptop wore off, and I am too cheap to pay $5 per key for replacements so I stuck on some scrapbook stickers. The missing letters didn't bother me so much, but T and the kids kept complaining!

1. Miss O's well-loved polar bear needed a bath, so here he is soaking in the a bowl of warm water. He's been her BBF (Best Bear Forever) for almost 10 years thanks to my good friend Robin who gifted Polar Bear to her when she was just a tot!


I on the other hand have selected pictures that I did NOT intend to share here. I had to go through my iPhoto pictures to find some that I have not posted on facebook or elsewhere. I'm not sure about these, but I think they are a public debut.

2) Uh Oh! Emergency Underpants. Who doesn't need these from time to time?

3) Is this a tiny dessert... or does my friend Steven have huge hands?

1) It's us! This is Sue and me - and Cindy... and a bunch of other people's hands... but I needed to use my own fingers for the rabbit ears. This is probably from our sophomore year of high school around Christmastime.

There ya have it - five goofy good pics, and one blast from the past that was posted without my permission (not really, I had the final edit) Do you have some photos stuck in your camera, memory card, phone, or a big box somewhere in your attic or basement? Post a comment below or send your photos to, especially if you have goofy good shots of Brian! Thanks so much! Happy Friday!


  1. I truly love to read the things you both write, Sue and Brian. You are both so intelligent, witty and funny. And thought provoking, entertaining, real, and I will say it again, funny! Medicine for my heart. Thank you for bringing me smiles and laughter, and for sharing moments of your life. How very grateful I am for having met you along the way. Love and blessings.

    1. Thank you Miriam for your kind words and support. Please share out blog with friends!

  2. This reminded me of a pic I once found that is so precious to me it is hard to put into words. My most beloved pet, a bulldog named Baby, had passed a year before and I found an old disposable camera with a picture on it from her end days when she was still very happy to just sit on the porch with my husband and be near him. My husband had put a baseball cap on her head and she was wearing it patiently while looking out over the yard. It really was a gift from God.

    1. That is so precious Pennie. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps you can scan the photo and send it to us so we can post it on the blog. Pet photos are hard to resist!

    2. I do not have a photo... but I wanted to tell you what my favorite picture is.... well, I'm sure you can guess. I just read your blog to Jerry and I told him the story of us and O at Papa G's (I think that was the name)... I'm honored that she still has polar bear... :)

      PS I have no idea how to "post" this comment... so I hope it works...

    3. Thanks for your comment Robin! She loves PB!


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