Tuesday, November 8, 2011

and a bug

There I was minding my own business, when suddenly.... (insert ominous and scary music here)
a bug

This BUG dropped down onto the back of my neck. Gah!!!

I don't mind bugs.

I dislike when they are sneaky and try to surprise me.

(I put it outside into the cold and told it to fend for itself. I felt very Dickensian about it but it's not Christmas yet, so I doubt I'll be visited by the bugs of the past, present and future anytime soon.)

However, I do like to be surprised by people. I think it's so much fun when a friend tries to sneak up on me and scare me or wait for me around a corner and jump out at the last second. It's the adrenaline. It's the laughter afterwards. It's the camaraderie.

With that, here's three good things about being scared!

2) What a rush! I don't care if it's a scary movie, a roller coaster, or something that jumps out at you from nowhere. There is a physical response. Scientist-types call this fight or flight and it's really fun. The adrenaline shoots into your system and hits your brain and muscles hard. Your heart races and if you've been in the presence of a major dose of Gamma radiation, you might turn into a big green rage monster. Regardless, it's fun! Give me scary movies where things jump out and make me jump - and I'm a delighted man. (notice that I'm not talking about the slashers or things like that. I want something to go bump in the night)

3) Oh my sides! Immediately after the rush and you realize that you're ok, the laughter sets in. It doesn't matter if you're the one on the scaring end or the being scared end, everyone laughs. That is unless you're five years old and freak out. That's not good. But, as an adult, it's a riot. A friend of mine came out of the bathroom the other night to find another friend hiding next to the door. She got so scared that she reached out to smack him on the face, but realized in mid-swing that it was him. The slap turned into this pseudo-tender stroke on his cheek and we all just lost it. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

1) It's what friends do! As in the story I just relayed above, that's a way for us to have fun together. It's child-like, prank-ish and so much fun. I do enjoy being the perpetrator of such a scare, but it's even more fun when someone gets me. When your friend really gets you, this is called "having a good time."

and a bug.

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  1. Some one scared me the other day. She hid beside her cubicle, and waited patiently. When I came into work that morning I walked by her cube and was disappointed to see my co-worker wasn't in. I paused in sadness and then wandered over to my own cube - that's when, yes in a professional work place, said co-worker jumped out and screamed "ARRRG!" I screamed too, and then laughed and laughed. You can see why I was so distraught when I thought she wasn't there that day.

  2. my beloved bro used to take it upon himself to test my discipline in not slugging people when startled. over...and over...and over...

  3. The bug risked life and limb, especially limb, to be a part of your day and to now be entered into your 'Good Things' post! (Notice one missing back leg). I find a good rock in a chair enough exhilaration these days and without the surprise bug dropping in. Okay kidding about the rocking chair, but not about the bug! And I never want anyone to jump out and scare me, though hiding on someone else does tickle me just a little!


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